Vincent Van Duysen’s Zara Home Launched Now

While the clothing company Zara is best known for its chic and affordable clothes, shoppers can now buy an entire design salon in addition to the trendiest styles of the summer.

The homewares division of the Spanish clothing brand has recently launched Vincent Van Duysen’s Zara Home+, a complete living room line in the signature striped style of the Belgian designer and architect. With everything from sofas and carpets to lamps and tchotchkes, all in neutral colors, the elegant 19-piece collection can be suitable for a new apartment, a Cotswold cottage, or a 1950s duplex-wherever it lands, the furniture is supposed to look sharp but blend in with the surroundings.

The multiple chairs in the collection more than satisfy the long-standing joke that every architect designs a chair at some point. Although a sit-down test—the ultimate measure of comfort-is impossible, the items seem to visually respect “the concept of comfort and use” that served as Van Duysen’s guiding design principle. The silhouettes of generously proportioned stackable wooden and webbed leather chairs, available in Brown and black colors, are complemented by a light upholstered sofa that echoes the mass of British sofas and armchairs, without the padded backs and armrests of a Chesterfield sofa.

The seating areas in the living room are still indispensable, but the chairs and sofas look bare without coffee tables and side tables. The collection delivers on both fronts with an eye to complementary pieces. The side table made of oak or heat-treated ash block (Thermo) and the transverse side table can both be configured to position themselves around the Van Duysen sofas. The sectional wooden coffee tables, on the other hand, are somewhat square, but apparently executed to compensate for the softness of the sofas and armchairs.

We may wonder about the durability of furniture from a company whose bread and butter is fast fashion. This collection aims to be aesthetic through the ever-accelerating trend cycle, or as one press release says, “all products [are] a clear antidote to the single-use culture that has been adopted for so long.”Although it is difficult to judge the quality of the photos alone, the versatility of the collection is undeniable. Images of the furniture staged both outside in a modernist home and in a baroque mansion under an elaborate classical mural of lightly dressed celestial beings convey the timelessness of the furniture.

The collaboration went on sale on June 30, but if you miss this round, fear not: Zara Home promises a new drop twice a year, HYPEBEAST style. For this edition. The complete collection of carpets, lighting, tables, chairs and more can be viewed at .

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