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Instagram allows you to like images by quickly tapping twice on your phone screen. Pinterest allows you to collect images on a personal “board” to keep them in a safe place. Combine these two simple actions and apply them to the world’s largest database of inspiring architectural images, and what do you get?

Architizer is loved by millions of people for its wealth of beautiful photographs and project drawings, providing daily inspiration and powerful precedents for architects conducting design research. Although the platform’s image database is incomparable in terms of size and quality, we realized that it doesn’t matter much, unless you have the opportunity to save important images for yourself so that you can come back to them later.

Now, with just one click of the “heart” icon on a project image, you can do it. You can use this tool however you want: take any textured brick detail you come across, any building photo from Olson savvy architects, or any church renovation project you can find.

When you return to Architizer, you can quickly access your favorite images by logging in and clicking on the heart icon in the upper right corner of the screen, next to the “Download Project” button and your name. Here you can click on any image to instantly remember which project it came from, as well as see a series of similar images below.

The Architizer “Like” button is in beta mode and we are constantly improving it. If you have any comments or suggestions about this or any other part of image search for architects, we would love to hear from you!

A separate wood-lined gazebo and a recently expanded basement door create a unique tourist experience on the east coast of Tasmania.

Located on Tasman Road, which stretches over eucalyptus trees and offers views of the Freycinet Peninsula and the Mue Lagoon, is one of Tasmania’s largest wineries, Devil’s Corner.

Our original partnership with Brown Brothers in 2015 resulted in a very successful tourist destination — a discreet cellar door, a food market and a unique gazebo – that reflects the traditional rural settlements of the region.

Designed to complement the existing buildings, the new additions were completed at the end of 2021 and welcome the growing number of visitors to the winery with an open courtyard at all times, an immersive tasting area, extensive kitchens with local products and a cellar below, the new home of Devil’s Corner.masterclasses on wine and gastronomy, private receptions and exclusive events.

As with the first iteration of the Devil’s Corner design, the additions retain the original intent of a village, a group of distinct spaces that complement the tones and history of the striking landscape.

The open-air atmosphere of the courtyard is complemented by the transparent roof and walls, which blur the boundaries between outdoor and indoor spaces.

The walls can open to connect visitors to the environment and the view or remain closed to provide shelter and warmth from unpredictable weather conditions in the area.

The weathered Tasmanian oak exterior and the Tasmanian yellow gum terrace are contrasted by the warm Tasmanian oak finish of the interior.

Visions of dangers

Designed to reflect the wine tasting process, the lookout highlights the subtle ways in which the landscape can be appreciated through three unique observation spaces: the sky, the Horizon and the tower, which offers extensive perspectives through each compass Point and the surrounding mountains beyond.

Thoughtful design for future growth

To accommodate a limited budget, our approach focused on creating a tourist experience that, thanks to solid geometric elements, was simple, visually appealing and flexible for future growth — allowing the basement door to be adapted and reused rather than demolished.

We are pleased to add these different designs to the history of the area and are pleased that our initial exploration of the project’s capabilities has resulted in the addition of the now iconic Devil’s Corner Lookout..


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